Welcome to the unauthorized user web portal.

If you are a guest at the Stagecoach Motel in Beatty, you need to connect to either Stagecoach1 or Stagecoach2.

If you are a guest at Motel 6 or Death Valley Inn in Beatty, please use your Ethernet port - wireless is not supported.

If you are a guest at the Longstreet Hotel or RV Park in Amargosa, please connect to the Longstreet Access Point that has the strongest signal.  Use the user name and password provided to you by the front desk.

You may call (775) 372-1992 or (702) 544-2570 if you need to purchase access.
The price is $9.95 per day for daily access or $30 per month for local residents. 
A local address is required for the monthly rate

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